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Vehicle Speed Sensors for V8 Conversions

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Download entire Vehicle Speed Sensors chapter (Chapter 12 of our Chevy TBI/TPI manual)
 (Adobe Acrobat .pdf — if you need the free Acrobat Reader, go here)

V8 Vehicle Speed Sensors, smog-legal for swaps in CA, CARB EO #D-371
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Speed Sensor, # 2PRS
The two-pulse square wave unit for all passenger car TBI installations, all computer controlled carbureted engines, and 1985–1989 TPI engines. 7/8–18 thread, .104" square drive.

(First Class Mail)

Speed Sensor, # 2PRS-TOY
Two-pulse for Toyota. Same as above, except for 22 mm metric threads, and .187 tang drive which fits Toyota transmissions and transfer cases.
2 132.00
(First Class Mail)
Speed Sensor, # 4PAC
Four-pulse sine wave.


(First Class Mail)
Speed Sensor, # 4PAC-TOY
Four-pulse sine wave for Toyota with
22 mm metric thread and .187 tang drive.
2 135.00
(First Class Mail)

Passenger Car Speed Sensor, # 4PAC Integral Sleeve
4-pulse integral VSS/speedometer sleeve.
Used with 700 R-R4 Transmission.
Includes gears: drive gear (15, 17, 18 tooth), driven gear
(34–45 tooth), sleeve, o-ring, retainer.
Specify tire size and rear axle ratio.

2 101.00
(First Class Mail)
Tire size
Rear axle ratio
Single output 90° angle drive, # 1X90 1 60.00
(Priority Mail)
90° Angle Drive with .66:1 Reduction Ratio, #DAT-130 1 70.00
(Priority Mail)
Stock GM Speed Sensor, GM # 15547452, New OEM.
Used in 1989 and newer 4X4 trucks.
1 50.00
(First Class Mail)
"Pigtail" (connector replacement pack, for GM speed sensors), Aftermarket, use with above stock GM sensor 15.00
(First Class Mail)
Differential Mounted Reluctor Ring Kit, #4L60-006
download instructions here (Adobe Acrobat.pdf —
if you need the free Acrobat Reader, go here)
2 80.00
(Priority Mail)
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