V8 conversion manuals,parts,for V8 S10, Astro Van, V8 Datzun Z V8, Jaguar V8, Chevy TPI & TBI, Volvo 200 and 700. Vehicle speed sensors, air cleaner ducting.
Jaguars That Run and Stealth Conversions, for V-8 conversion manuals & parts, vehicle speed sensors, air cleaner ducting


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JTR V8 Conversion Manuals
Jaguar V8 Conversion
Datsun Z V8 Conversion
  Chapter 12—Cooling System (Complete)
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      if you need the free Acrobat Reader, go here)
Chevrolet S10 Truck V8 Conversion
Chapter 1—Introduction (Complete)
California Smog Laws
New Body Style
Chevrolet TPI & TBI Engine Swapping
Chapter 12—Vehicle Speed Sensors (Complete)
  download Adobe Acrobat .pdf—
      if you need the free Acrobat Reader, go here)
Astro Van V8 Swap
Volvo 200 Series V8
Volvo 700 V8

NEW! Colorado Shorty Headers: 4-Cylinder, 5-Cylinder
Please Scroll Down for information.

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JTR Conversion Manuals
Mazda RX7 LS1 Parts
V8 S10 Parts, incl. parts for LS1 Swap
Colorado Parts
Jaguar Parts
Datsun Z LS1 Parts (1970-1978)
Datsun Z Car Parts (1970-1978)
Datsun 280 ZX Parts (1979-1983)
Volvo 200 Parts
Volvo 700 Parts
Mercedes Parts
BMW Parts, incl. info on E36 V8 Swap
Astro Van V-8 Parts
Toyota FJ40 & FJ60 V8 Parts
Vehicle Speed Sensors
4L60-E Tailhousing & Parts
Miscellaneous Parts
Air Ducts,
Cooling System

Parts Description Pages with Photographs
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Parts and Prices
Prices include shipping (unless otherwise stated):

Chevy S-10 Parts
Datsun Z Car Parts
S10 V8 Truck 2WD and 4WD Motor Mounts:
   $50 & $65 / pair, including shipping
  Datsun Z V8 Mounting Kit
Set Back Plate, Passenger Side

Set Back Plate, Driver Side
Hood Latch Firewall Bracket
Aluminum Spacer (1.25 inches thick)
   $219–$375 Sanderson headers for 2WD and 4x4,
   including shipping

Click here for more info on S10 4x4 Oil Pans and Parts

V8 S10 4x4 Oil Pan: $250
   for 1979 & Earlier V-8 Engines, including shipping
  Aluminum Spacer, 2.25 inches thick
Spacers (between body and front crossmember)
Transmission Crossmember
Water Temperature Sending Unit Adapters
Radiator Hose Splicers and Reducers 
V8 S10 4x4 Oil Pan: $225
   for 1986 & Newer V-8 Engines, including shipping
  Datsun Aluminum Radiator Kit
    (for 1970–1978 model year cars
    with original 6-cylinder engines)
V8 S10 4x4 Oil Pan: $225
   for 1980–1985 V-8 Engines, including shipping
  Radiator Hose Kit for 6-cylinder cars
    with aluminum radiator
Extension Kit, S-10 4x4 Oil Pan,
   for 1986 & newer V-8 engine
  Datsun Aluminum Radiator
Radiator Mounting Kit
Offset Oil Filter Adapter   Radiator Hose Splicer Kit
S10 V8 Radiators: $150 & $195
   1984–1988 genuine Corvette, and aftermarket
 NEW! S10 V8 Cooling Package!
  Strut Spacers, pair
Drive Shaft Adapter Flange
Speedometer Cable (70 inch)
Headers photo & notes page
    Sanderson conversion headers $190–$320,
    including shipping
Differential Mounted 40-Tooth Reluctor Ring Kit
    instructions available
:download Adobe Acrobat pdf
      if you need the free Acrobat Reader, go here)
Upper Radiator Brackets   Datsun 280 ZX Parts
Axle Set Back Plates for V8 S10   bullet1979–1983 Datsun 280 ZX Aluminum Radiator Kit
    for cars with 6-cylinder engine
Front Driveshaft Grease Seal Extension
    for 4x4 V-8 S-10
  bulletHeaders for Datsun V8 ZX with
    Rack and Pinion Steering
S10 Truck, Pinion Alignment Shims
    (Axle Alignment shims)
  Water Temperature Sending Unit Adapters  
S10, Lowering Blocks, Lowering Kit    
Stock S10 Repair Parts   Datsun Z LS1 V8 Parts
Aluminum third-door handle, for 1996–2003
    Chevrolet S10 and GMC Sonoma extended cab Trucks
  Headers for Datsun Z LS1
Air ducting, Datsun Z LS1 V8  

S10 2WD Short-Bed/Short-Cab, and 2WD Blazer, Driveshaft Alignment Kit

S10, 2WD Extended Cab Driveshaft Alignment Kit, S-10 V8 Conversion, Stealth Conversions

4.3 V6 S10 Replacement Parts
S-10 4.3 V6, High Performance Replacement
    Mounts Kit
for 1988-2004 S-10 Trucks & Blazers

Toyota V-8 Parts
Toyota FJ40 V8, VSS Reluctor Ring Kit
Toyota FJ60 V8, VSS Reluctor Ring Kit
Water Temperature Adaptor for
     Toyota FJ40 & FJ60 V

Toyota FJ40 LX V8, Oil Pressure
     Sending Unit Adaptor

BMW V-8 Parts
BMW Heavy-Duty Driveshaft Flange
V8 BMW Water Temperature Bushings

Mazda RX7 LS1 V-8 Parts
Mazda RX7 LS1 Headers
Air ducting, Mazda RX7 LS1

LS1 S10 V-8 Parts
Sanderson Headers, LS1 V8. 1-5/8" primary tubes,
    2-1/2" collectors

(2WD trucks and Blazers only)
LS1 Engine, V8 conversion mounts,
    for 2WD trucks and Blazers only

  Colorado Parts

Header, Chevrolet Colorado 5-cylinder long tube

Header: 4-cylinder shorty headers

Header: 5-cylinder shorty headers

Astro Van V-8 Parts
Astro Van V8 Conversion Mounts

All Wheel Drive V8 Mount:

Astro Van AWD


Colorado Lowering Blocks

Colorado U-Bolts

High Flow Cold Air Intake for 2004, 2005


High Ground-Clearance Crossmember
    for ZQ8 and 2wd Z85 trucks

Colorado Pinion Alignment Shims
    (Axle Alignment shims)

Jaguar Parts

Jaguar V8 Mounting Kit

  Volvo 200 Parts
Motor Mount for Chevy V8 into Volvo 240
Radiator, 1986–1988 genuine Corvette and
    high-quality aftermarket Corvette
   $195–$295, Sanderson conversion headers,
   including shipping

Volvo 700 Parts
V-8 Motor Mounting Kit

4L60-E Tailhousings and Parts
Tailhousing, Camaro
40 Tooth Reluctor Ring 1.42 i.d.
40 Tooth Reluctor Ring 1.30 i.d.
Clamp Assembly for Speedometer Gear
Differential Mounted 40-Tooth Reluctor Ring Kit
  instructions available (download Adobe Acrobat .pdf
    — if you need the free Acrobat Reader, go here)
Reluctor Ring Sleeve Assembly
  (Tailhousing Location)
  Hose Splicers, Tees, & Transitional Splicers
Ultra Short Thermostat Housing,
    for LS1 / LS2 / LS3 / LSX Waterpumps

Heater hose restrictor and splicers
LS1 Steam Vent Tee
NEW – Transitional Hose Splicers
NEW – Transitional Hose Tee
NEW – Coolant Sight Glass!
NEW – Transitional Coolant Sight Glass!
  Air Ducts
Rubber Ducting and Aluminum Tubing
  Speed Sensors
  Cable-driven Vehicle Speed Sensors

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